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Over 500 colors to choose from

Our solid colors are available in over 500 different shades and we can virtually match to just about any color swatch. Our solid color material is made of acrylic polyerthem and is available in either a high gloss or a sateen finish. Our solid color coatings simulate a new porcelain look and is great for bathtubs. Also, the same finish is a perfect solution for a new clean look for tiled shower stalls.

Multi spec Granite – A step above rewriting

Looking for that “Super surface” to transform your ugly old countertop or bathroom tile into something goregeous?

Our Multispec Decorative Granite coating process is the most revolutionary product of its kind. This unique coating will dramatically beautify the apperance of your old outdated kitchen or bathroom surface and can be applied directly over tile and gout without the inconvenience of costly tear-outs or removal

Great for all type of Surfaces:

Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets

  • Cultured Marble Sinks and Counters
  • Bathroom Tile Walls and Floors
  • Tiles Entry ways
  • Feberglass Bathtubs and Shower Stalls

Multi spec comes in 75 beautiful colors. Our coating process does not fad like traditional epoxy products and is three times stronger than solid colors making it ideal for tile floors and kitchen countertops

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