Old porcelain bathtubs maybe harmful to your kids health

Health & Safety Must Know Facts

Leaching lead exposure from old porcelain bathtubs…
Are you or your Child at Risk?

Lead has long been known to present a health hazard in our homes. As of the mid ‘90s lead has also been found in various levels on porcelain fixtures, including bathtubs.
Lead containing glazes have been used in the production of porcelain fixtures for decades. Some bathtubs show alarming levels of lead leaching, particularly those with worn surfaces. Lead Testing Kits are available to determine if you have this problem in your home.
Because our refinishing coatings are lead free, The Nice Tub & Tile bathtub refinishing process will effectively encapsulate the old porcelain and restore the surface to a glossy new finish, providing home owners with a safe, easy, and inexpensive alternative to expensive replacement.

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